Cell Beauty Whitening Cream Skin Face In Pakistan


  • Visible Witness
  • Reduce Dark Spot
  • Wrinkle Free Face


Cell Whitening Cream is formulated with passion, and love keeping your skin requirements in mind. With all the new whitening creams in the market, it may be tough for you to choose. But, not now, as the advanced formulation of the Cell whitening cream gives you all that you need. It has no harmful ingredients that will damage your skin, and you will get that white clear skin in just a matter of a few days.

The visible, white glow on your face that was tough to get with other whitening creams will now be your go-to everyday look with this formulation. Furthermore, its property of reducing the dark spots creates a flawless look and makes your skin feel healthy than ever. Clean skin is what everybody wants. Right? Get that with this advanced formulation of the Cell Whitening Cream. The formula contains ingredients that also help you reduce your wrinkles, and get that wrinkle-free skin by slowing the process of ageing.

To top it all up, the SPF 30 in the Cell Whitening Beauty Cream also protects you from harmful pollutants making your skin look more clean and fresh. SPF 30 provides you with very high protection against sunburn, hence preventing further damage to your skin. With all the soothing properties, amazing qualities, and maximum efficacy, it is definitely one of your best picks. Just use it 5 days for that gorgeous glow-up on your face that catches the attention of many. It makes your skin look glowing, fair, radiant, smooth, and clean.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 15 cm


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